Instances of the Roaming Salesman Problem

Roaming Salesman Problem

Real World Instances (Base Rewards, Meeting Durations, Traveling Times, and Traveling Costs):


Sets, Parameters and Scalars:

# I: Set of Cities
# T: Set of Days

CPUTimeLimit          = 24*3600
MaxTourDur            = 14*60
MaxMeetingsDaily      = 4 
MaxMeetings_SmallCity = 1
MaxMeetings_RegCity   = 2
MaxMeetings_BigCity   = 3
NormCoeff             = 3  # Normalization coefficient multiplied with the collected rewards to make costs and rewards compatible.
DeprCoeff             = 1  # Depreciation coefficient used to depreciate the rewards of successive meetings to a previously visited city (visit in the meaning of holding a meeting).   
Kappa                 = 5  # Number of the days politician is allowed to stay out of capital city.
BigM                  = MaxTourDur + max(MeetDur[i]+ RoadTime[i][j] for i,j in product(I,I));