• Work Experience

  • Teaching Assistant

    Koc University | 2014 - Current
    I am Teaching Assistant for Management Information Systems and Quatitative Methods in Business
  • Business Development Director

    Azhitechs Automotive group powered by Mercedes Benz, 2013-2015.
    My major areas of responsibilities were management of all strategic and operational Marketing and Customer Relationship activities, Corporate-Level Strategy Building and International Business Strategy and management of the sales and marketing functions of the business.
  • Freelance Web Developer and Designer

    I've developed and designed more than 50 js, HTML5 and CSS3 Bootstrap Responsive websites.
  • Chief Information Officer

    SamanShahr, 2011-2013.
    I was head of IT depatment and my major responsibilities were selecting and implementing approprate technologies to streamline all internal operations and optimizing strategic benefits.
  • Research Assistant at 3Y Teknoloji

    3Y Teknoloji, 2013.
    I was member of R&D team for implementing private-sector image processing orders.
  • Consultant for the CEO

    Azhitechs Automotive group | Alvand co., 2012
    My responsibilities were to conduct analysis and to carry out research and data collection.